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I tried telling myself that this article wouldn’t simply be a collection of cheap, tasteless puns but unfortunately EYE couldn’t pass them up and SAW this as a fantastic opportunity to deliver a fantastic piece of journalism.

Unless you’re a Posh or a Crystal Palace fan those carefully crafted witticisms have probably gone straight over your heard. Perhaps you can quite fathom what you’re seeing before your eyes. Posh star George Boyd managed to find himself in the midst of a transfer fiasco with Nottingham Forest. He looked set on joining Forest, with Posh pocketing a tidy sum just before his contract runs out in the summer, but naturally when Posh are involved, things didn’t go exactly to plan. Boyd somehow managed to fail his medical at Forest. It’s not exactly a common mishap. In most peoples’ minds a medical is simply a formality to signing a contract. If Owen Hargreaves managed to pass a medical at Manchester United, arguably the most successful club in the world, surely anybody can?

Here’s the real eye-opener, Boyd didn’t fail because of a unreliable knee or a dodgy back – that wouldn’t be ridiculous enough. He managed to fail that all-important eye sight test. To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t even aware that an eye sight test was a requirement of being a professional footballer. If it is anything like the eye sight test you do for your driving license than it is safe to say that George Boyd is in fact blind. Looking back through the numerous Posh players I’ve seen over the years, I begin to question how on earth some of them managed to pass the eye sight test. As much as I’d love to continue the eye-wateringly funny gags, there are some serious questions that need to be asked, particularly in the light of Alex McLeish’s departure from Forest. George Boyd has played over 260 games for Posh in the league managing to find the back of the net 63 times. It’s certainly not a shabby record as a winger and you’d think that alone would probably satisfy the requirements that he does possess the sense of sight. You’d also think his uncanny knack from scoring from the halfway line would be conclusive in proving that he is perfectly aware of where that net is in between those bright white posts.

The whole fiasco is probably the doing of the Al-Hasawi family rather than Alex McLeish who was keen on taking Boyd on. Before this becomes an article on Forest, it’s important to remember that, as much criticism as they can receive, professional footballers are still workers and it can’t be nice to come within inches of a promotion (because let’s be fair Forest are one of the bigger clubs with a fantastic amount of history) to have it snatched away simply because of bickering and in-fighting between manager and owner. It is another case of owners getting themselves bogged down (intentionally or unintentionally) amongst the grass roots of the club. An owner is an owner not through their extensive knowledge of football but rather because they (reportedly) know how to run a business. Clubs would probably find a bit more success if owners knew better than to mangle in football affairs. Equally though a good chairman does know when to get involved, for the greater good of the club, and in the end it all comes down to a very fine and delicate balancing act.

What now for Boyd? There have been talks with his boyhood club Crystal Palace but relations between Palace and Posh have been dwindling after Darren Ferguson claimed Ian Holloway, not one to shy away from the limelight, had been ringing Boyd constantly in a manner not to dissimilar to a stalker ex-girlfriend. Inevitably though Boyd won’t be a Peterborough player for much longer and his departure will mark the end of the eloquently dubbed ‘Holy Trinity’ that composed of himself, Craig Mackail-Smith and Aaron McLean who terrorised defences in League 1 and catapulted Posh into the Championship. It is hard to deny that Posh won’t miss George Boyd, he’s been ever present for Posh, but there is hope in the form of Dwight Gayle who is fast becoming a fan favourite amongst the London Road faithful.

Moral of this story: Never put off an eye test, they’re just as important as your dental check up.

Written by Liam Smith, We Are Going Up’s Peterborough United Blogger

Liam tweets @liamsays92

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