The deposed king

Gary Megson

How hard must someone work to stay in a job?

A win in the Steel City derby, third in the league and a group of players who appear to love working with you, none of these things are good enough apparently.

There was confusion when Megson let Clinton Morrison go out on loan to MK Dons only to bring in McGoldrick on loan from Nottingham Forest. There was disenchantment when Wednesday lost 5-1 to Stevenage and more recently there was worry when Wednesday lost 1-0 to Chesterfield. The Wednesday fans believed though; they believed that in Gary Megson there was a man at the helm who could drive us forward. His fierce attitude towards the media, his straight-talking pre and post-match comments on how the team performed and his the honest appraisal of what was deserved from the game, as well as his unbridled passion for the club all proved that he was the man to take Wednesday forward.

It seems meaningless to discuss the Steel City derby now with the sweetness of the victory seemingly snatched away by the bitterness of losing the manager.

The players have said little other than they will move on and go forward but players often would not dream of lamenting such a decision because criticism of the removal of the previous boss may leave them out of favour with the new boss. I don’t blame them because the goal of promotion is still very much in the crosshair but can Dave Jones, a manager of a very different ilk, get the team playing in his style or will he decide to leave any tinkering until the season is over.

If Jones comes in and does nothing, then why change managers at all, if he changes things and we go up, was it not inevitable anyway? Equally if he changes things and we don’t go up, what has changing manager really achieved? The general consensus amongst the fans is that Megson should have stayed but that now he has gone, Jones will have their full support.

It is true that the fans support Sheffield Wednesday Football Club not the individuals that make up the staff but when someone brings all that Gary Megson did, it is hard to disassociate the two. Sheffield Wednesday was Gary Megson and for a while, Gary Megson was Sheffield Wednesday.

Dave Jones, in complete contrast to Megson, has a reputation for not becoming emotionally attached to the clubs he manages but employment in football is not like employment in most other areas. You have to live and breathe the club you work for, you have to ache when they lose and soar to the skies when they win.

Be proud Gary because you did what so few have achieved in many years, you gave us hope, you gave us a future and we will miss you. You are always welcome on the Kop.

The King is dead, long live the non-committal replacement.

Written by Dominic Stevenson, We Are Going Up’s Sheffield Wednesday Blogger

Dominic tweets at @dom_stevenson

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  • dave drabble says:

    Drabbs, here don,t agree with you mate, having only missed a couple of matches all season. The way we played other sides sussed us as can be seen from results in the last couple of months performances were abject and he did not change the way we played and in my opinion we would have struggled to go up playing this way, things had to change, got respect for megson instilling some spirit into the side but ultimately the style of football would have got us nowhere (too predictable).I know it is only one game but we played Bury with two wingers and a more fluid style of play you could see the players were enjoying it as i did for the first time in ages.Hope you are well mate keep up the blogs they are really good.(U.T.O), Drabbs

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