Blues in Europe


We’ve had a very kind Europa League draw with trips to Brugge in Belgium, Braga in Portugal and Maribor in Slovenia a nice distraction from the pains of Championship life that we are already adjusting to.

Those teams are tough, but they are great places to visit with excellent local beers and I thought I would preview them for you…

Let’s start with Slovenia – now in football terms Maribor may be the underdogs but don’t count out their beer.

Since we’re going outside of Ljubljana we must do as the locals and eschew Union for the more popular Lasko. The Lasko Brewery was founded in 1825 and was one of the first in the world to register a beer trademark, and the beer of theirs that you want is Lasko Dark (5.9%)which is full and rich in flavour.


It’s almost impossible to pick just one Belgian beer but if you want something different you could a lot worse than a peach beer. Very light, crisp and refreshing after a days ‘sightseeing’. I like Lindemans Pecheresse which is most widely available but there are probably superior versions around.


Only one Portuguese beer could possibly selected and that is Cristal. Two reasons, firstly because you’ll feel really rich ordering bottles of Cristal for your mates and secondly it does this to old women


Well we have Brew XI, made originally by Mitchell & Butlers it was “for the men of the midlands”. Maybe it’s time they made an export version.

Written by James Dixon, We Are Going Up’s Birmingham City blogger.

James tweets at @thejamesdixon

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