Jimmy Bullard

I’ve written about the ins and outs of Jimmy Bullard’s Hull City career more times than I care to remember. Well not anymore I won’t be.

His move to Ipswich Town was finally, thankfully, sealed today. While City fans breathe a sigh of relief, Town fans will look to their new player and pray he helps them out of their current shocking start to the season.

Rather than review, yet again, his time with the Tigers, here is the blog that I came up with in January when he was first loaned out to the Suffolk side:

I wanted to write a lengthy blog here, detailing Jimmy Bullard’s Hull City career, giving a full rundown of the highs and lows.

But when I set my mind to it I realised he really wasn’t deserving of it, or of my time.

Had City signed a player called Joe Bloggs, unheard of, from the lower leagues, and he had gone on to make 18 starts in two years, scoring six goals, what would I write about him? Probably not a lot.

There is so much to discuss about Bullard – the contract, the knees, the hair, the jokes, the brawl-in-the-park, the goal celebration – but it’s all been said before, in lengthy detail.

So here, in short, is my synopsis of Jimmy Bullard’s Hull City career…

We signed him, we celebrated.

He played, he got crocked.

We waited, he waited.

He came back, he was immense.

We loved him, he loved us.

He got crocked, we waited again.

He came back, he wasn’t the same.

We went down, he wouldn’t go.

He collected his money, we paid for his drinks, clothes, cars, new house.

He played, we were over him.

He left, we shrugged.

Ipswich fans, I really hope you get to see the best of Bullard. His range of passing, striking of a ball, marshalling of midfield, all contribute to make him, on his day, potentially the best player in the Championship.

Written by Marcus Dysch, We Are Going Up’s Hull City Blogger

Marcus tweets at @marcusdysch 

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