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The very first words from this new blog should rightfully be a thank you to the management that have filled so many Brentford fans with untold amounts of confidence and excitement coming into the new season. So thank you must be bestowed upon Andy Scott and Nicky Forster. True, the new man at the helm, Uwe Rosler, has bought in some quality players which will be looked at in another blog but most fans can easily see the progression and foundations that have been laid over the last few years that have put the club into a position where Rosler would want to take over, and quality players would want to play in West London. Scott made the team hard to beat, made some good signings and most importantly got the club promoted into League One. He did play some dreadful football but when silverware is won, that can sometimes be forgiven. Games at Leeds, Southampton and Birmingham were personal highlights, and of course the title clincher and subsequent celebrations.

Nicky Forster got the club playing football again, most noticeable at the end of the season in Sam Saunders and Toumani Diagouraga who displayed the promise they were seldom allowed to display under the previous regime. He restored confidence and pride in a club that had seen it erode away and reach a personal low – a rubbish Tuesday night in Dagenham.

A Sunday at Wembley followed and the disappointment didn’t abate, but it was too late, the club was gaining national recognition. Under Scott and Forster the club made serious progress towards be becoming a modern professional outfit, helped by Matthew Benham’s skilfully won monies. This leads us to this summer and the appointment of Uwe Rosler.

The Brentford fans I know are much like any football league fans, cynical, hard to impress and quick to criticise. But something strange is happening in one of our four pubs that sit, guarding fortress Griffin. People are confident, lavish with praise and hopeful. Rosler has put a spring in people’s steps, made them look forward to the big games this season – I for one have brought into the early signings with long trips up and across the country already booked in anticipation. Tweets exclaim where you can get good odds on promotion, but more lambaste the low odds, proof that it’s not just Bees fans that share the sense of optimism. He has played good football wherever he has gone, and built quality squads.

I’m sure there will be nay-sayers and euro sceptics but this is League One. It’s a risk to take on a manager with no experience of managing in England. That’s a given. But football is all about taking risks. Especially when smaller clubs look to step up a level. Rosler was a good player when he made his name in England. So why not a good manager. The will has long been there, now the players and management capable to take on such a campaign are in place. I and many fans alike can’t wait.

Anyway, we better hope he hangs around; fans are already penning songs of how his dad dropped bombs on Fulham.

Written by Chris Fairbank, We Are Going Up’s Brentford Blogger

Chris tweets at @crumblechris

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