Cheers Carson…


I’m unsure whether I can in good conscience continue to be a part of We Are Going Up this season, because I very much doubt that Birmingham City are.

I didn’t think it was possible to be thoroughly depressed by a turn of events and yet in no way surprised at the same time – but I am with the recent news about the Blues. Everyone knew that Carson Yeung was full of sh*t. It took him two attempts to raise the money to buy the club from the Golds and Sullivan, and his promised £80 million transfer kitty never materialised.

But I hoped that he’d just run his mouth, and on the field we’d get by.

We did better than get by, finishing ninth in the Premier League in 2009-10 and winning the League Cup last year. How we got relegated I do not know. Look at our results and performances against big teams last year in both League and Cup – we should have been nowhere near the relegation zone, but we were and whoever is down there at the end of the season deserves to be relegated.

Fast forward two months and the owner has had his assets frozen, the bank wants it’s money back, the owner’s 18 year old son has been appointed to the board, we can’t get a kit sponsor and the Chief Executive is promising ‘unpopular decisions’. What might they be?

Offloading players like Scott Dann, Ben Foster and Liam Ridgewell on the cheap… Selling naming rights to the stadium to Doug Ellis… Keep picking Keith Fahey…

The only good news of the summer is getting £3million quid from Villa for a manager that we’d probably have ended up paying off in November.

Sod football, I’m watching the cricket.

Written by James Dixon, We Are Going Up’s Birmingham City blogger

James tweets at @thejamesdixon

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